Massimo Comuzzi

I am an Intuitive Artist by passion, and an Imagination Coach by vocation.

Originally from Venice, Italy, after living between Europe and Asia, I am now based in London, a unique backdrop to express my multifaceted life experience through a culture of acceptance, creativity, and fun.

I place imagination at the center of self-realisation, the creative energy that through its artistic expression opens the heart to hidden possibilities, and is a core principle when I coach people to find their inner artist.

I work fast, driven by intuition. An untrained artist, I believe every mark on the paper is an expression of the soul, and so it is perfect as is. It is about finding flow by losing control and taking risks, embracing unpredictability with speed.

My collections are based on a daring use of charcoal during life drawings sessions, and on the
fluidity of watercolour abstractions.

Trust your eyes and your hands to engage with the world. Time to imagine.